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DISCLAIMER! A account is required to participate in the Mothcats ARPG. In addition, all participants automatically agree to the Species Terms and Conditions. Cheating and failure to comply with these terms will result in an automatic ban from the ARPG.

Information in this page relates to Ayana's Beauty Salon, both Self Service and Official Artist.

In general, unless stated, the royal "Mothcat" is used in this guide- this guide also applies to subspecies.

Salon Limits

In general, regardless of the nature of the salon, a Mothcat must remain recognizable to the original design. These rules apply to both Self Service and OA Salons- if a user is suspected to be trying to alternate between salons to get around limits, service may be denied.

Themed Designs

A "themed" Mothcat is any Mothcat with a theme name provided at the start of the description on the masterlist entry. This generally includes Official and Guest designs, but some older MYO Mothcats may also have themes. If the theme is not in Mothchive, the cat is not considered "themed", even if a theme was provided.

A "themed" Mothcat must remain that theme- the interpretation of the theme may change, but it cannot be removed. As such, major design overhauls may be permitted if it clearly shows the spirit of the theme, but minor changes may be rejected if they're removing the theme.

Design elements of a "themed" Mothcat may still be considered in the case of particularly extreme salons- some design elements should still be kept.

Unthemed Designs/Design Only

"Unthemed" Mothcats are generally MYO Mothcats, who have no design name above their designer credits in Mothchive. Even if a theme is provided on MYO use, if it is not seen in Mothchive, the Mothcat is considered "unthemed" for salon purposes.

An "unthemed" Mothcat must remain visibly recognizable to their original design. In the case of multiple salons, the first design of the Mothcat is used to judge recognizablility. However, the perceived theme of the Mothcat may be changed freely, as long as the design remains recognizable.

Factors considered include colorschemes, markings and traits.

Species Differences

While Mothcats and Subspecies generally function the same in salons, due to Subspecies handling traits differently, some differences can be seen in what can be changed, and where Trait Changes are used. If a difference is not listed here, it can be assumed to function the same within all of the Mothcat's Group species.


Dye coverage for Mothcats is as follows:

Generic Dyes Essences Marking Primer Old Dyes (All) Egg Dyes Eggscences
Mothcats 50% 50% 20% 25% EYES ONLY N/A


Dye coverage for all Subspecies is as follows:

Generic Dyes Essences Marking Primer Old Dyes (All) Egg Dyes Eggscences
All Subspecies 100% 100% 40% 50% EYES ONLY 100%

As Subspecies do not have formal "applied" traits, Eggscences may be used to add "applied" traits.


Common TCs may be used to change Bumblebun traits within their rarity (ie. a Noble BBun can use common or noble traits).

Exclusive traits may only be added by specific means per trait.

"Applied" traits cannot be added to the Crown marking, and the Crown marking must remain red, although the exact hue/shade may be adjusted slightly. The Crown marking shape may not be changed.


The plant type of a Flowerbun cannot be changed, although small changes to color and so on are acceptable as long as they remain clearly the same plant.

Plant placement can be changed using a Common TC.


Common TCs can be used to change the anatomy of a Sparkle/Heartnose within the bounds of their species- please check their species page for information.

In short, a Heartnose must remain a small landbound mammal without wings. Sparklenoses can see greater changes, but must remain recognizable.

While "applied" traits can be added to Heartnoses, it cannot be used to convert one into a Sparklenose- you cannot add traits to the nose.

Self Service Specific Information

Methods and Techniques

Pre-Existing Markings

All pre-existing markings can be recolored with dyes without needing extra items. Markings can be removed by coloring them with the same color as the surrounding fur. Removed markings cannot be restored without the use of a Marking Primer!

New Markings

New markings can be added to Mothcats using Marking Primer, in addition to any required dyes for colors.


Regular dyes only offer "flat" and "solid" recolors. To add gradients, an Essence of Rainbow must be used.

Trait Changes

Any trait change requires the use of the appropriate level of Trait Change Ticket (TCs), whether this be to swap traits within a rarity level, or to increase the rarity level of a trait.

In the specific case of subbreed Mothcats, Common TCs may be used to add up to a maximum of two breed-specific traits to that cat. Any breed-specific traits beyond two requires an Exclusive TC.

If a Self Service Salon is used to apply a TC to a cat and nothing else, or any other changes qualify as minor, the 1SFT fee is not charged.

There is no hard limit to TC use, but trait changing will be considered in determining if a design is recognizable.


Eyes can be dyed by using Eye Primer along with a normal or egg dye. Egg dye is used when only the eye color is being changed, or if the new eye color is not otherwise being applied to the cat. Otherwise, the eyes are considered part of the cat's "area" for determining how many regular dye bottles are needed.

One Eye Primer changes one color in the eyes- it cannot be used to add more colors. More eye colors can only be added through trait changes (such as heterochromia for more iris colors, or colored scelra for the sclera).

Essences/Eggsences may not be used with Eye Primers- only "flat" colored dyes may be used.


Self Service Appraisals may be requested for:

  • Cats you own, with no restriction
  • Cats you don't own, but are either up for public trade or you are in private talks for, with the conditions of:
    • You must be able to provide proof of the (potential) trade at staff request
    • If the appraisal is being submitted publicly, it must have the permission of the current owner attached. (You are also welcome to privately note staff about trade appraisals.)
    • Users suspected of using this system to harass other members may be warned at staff discretion.

Design Reversions

In cases where you are reverting to the exact previous design of a cat, you may request to use the previous art of the cat, if applicable.

  • Previous designs/art are available on the cat's chive page.
  • Please use the desired art as your "new" base, and make it clear you're intending to switch back to that design.
  • Staff may choose to deny art reversion requests, in the case of extreme ongoing issues or extenuating circumstances.

Official Artist (OA) Specific Information

As previously mentioned, OA Salons are still subject to the Salon Limits. OAs will turn down any salons they feel are too extreme.

While Subspecies can have OA salons, OAs may decide on a case by case basis if they are willing to do a specific Subspecies.

OA Salons have unique Trait Change caps, depending on the tier chosen- unlike self serve, they are not theoretically unlimited. The amount the Mothcat can be changed in general also depends on the tier chosen.

In summary:

  • Portrait allows clothing and accessories to be attached, but no other changes may be made.
  • Basic Touch-Up allows some design changes, and one Common TC may be used. Clothing and accessories may be added.
  • Simple Groom allows design changes, free swapping of Common traits, the use of up to one Rare TC, and unlimited Essence/Applied Trait Voucher use. Clothing and accessories may be added.
  • Fancy Groom allows design changes, free swapping of same-rarity traits (other then breeds), the use of up to one TC of any rarity, and two purchasable Common-to-Rare trait upgrades. There's also unlimited Essence/Applied Trait Voucher use. Clothing and accessories may be added.

Clothing and accessories added through an OA salon become permanently attached to the cat.

Design Updates & You

You Will Need:

  1. Art of the updated design
    • For self service, you may forego this in favor of just the filled in Mothchive base.
  2. (For Self Service for Mothcats) An updated, filled in Mothchive base
    • These bases can be found here!
    • Remember when filling out the base not to edit the lineart (except in the case of disabilities) or add eyeshine.
  3. (For Self Service) If your planned changes involve changing colours or markings, it's recommended to ask for an appraisal first so that you know what dyes you need and how many of them!

To Submit:

  • When you're ready to submit your design update, navigate to the masterlist entry for the character whose design you wish to update.
    • You can view your characters here!
  • Click "Update Design" in the sidebar.
  • Click the "Create Request" button.

You will now have a draft of your design update submission! You can spend as much time working on this draft as you like before submitting it.

The Comments tab

Additionally, if you are redeeming a pending roll for a dubious potion, essence of enigma, or similar, state so here. The roll itself will already be marked on the character's masterlist entry, so you only need to state that you are making use of it. Note again that these rolls must be used before the character can continue to be used in the group.

(For OA Salons) If adding accessories already attached to the character, please specify here. Again, note that these are permanently attached to the character. Additionally, please state the type of salon!

(For Self Serve) If you obtained an appraisal, please provide a link to it here!

Click "Save".

The Image Tab

(For Self Serve) For Mothcats, upload the filled in Mothchive base. For subspecies, upload the updated art of the character.

Enter in the deviantArt username of the designer(s) of the character, as well as the artist(s) who either drew the image or filled in the Mothchive base. You can add additional usernames by clicking the plus sign to the right of each row. If a designer or artist does not have a deviantArt username, enter in a URL in the second box in the row. Only enter information into one field or the other, not both. You do not need to provide credit to the artists of the Mothchive base itself.

If you have separate approval art-- updated art of the design, which you would previously have submitted to the deviantArt gallery for approval-- provide a link to it in the Approval Image Link field.

(For Salons) Upload the updated character art.

Click "Save".

The Add-Ons Tab

Select the items that you are applying to your character here!

You may also select accessories to apply at this time, if included as part of an OA salon. Note again that, unlike MYO submissions, accessories attached this way are permanently attached to the character.

Click "Save".

The Traits Tab

Click the "Traits" tab.

  • For Mothcats, review the character's subtype and rarity.
    • If you are not changing the Mothcat's breed, you do not need to change the subtype.
    • If you are adding a trait of a higher rarity than any of the character's existing traits, change the rarity to equal that of the new highest rarity trait.
    • If you are changing any existing traits, find them in the list of traits and update them to the new trait.
    • If you are adding any traits, click "Add Trait" and select the trait you are adding from the list.
      • Repeat as necessary until all new traits are listed.
    • When entering in applied traits, state in the "extra info" box where they occur, in broad terms (for instance, "Mane", "Antennae", "Markings")

Click "Save".


Check the information you've entered on each tab.

When you're ready to submit, click the "Status" tab...

...And click "Submit Request"!


Once you've confirmed your submission, it will be added to the design updates queue. It will then be reviewed by the Mothcats staff.

If there are issues with your submission, it will be returned to draft form with staff comments-- at which point you can make any necessary changes. Again, you can take as much time as you need when working on drafts.

Upon being accepted, your design update will be incorporated directly into the masterlist! No further action is required.

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