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DISCLAIMER! A Mothcat Bank is required to participate in the Mothcats ARPG. In addition, all participants automatically agree to the Species Terms and Conditions. Cheating and failure to comply with these terms will result in an automatic ban from the ARPG.

Dyes are items used to recolor portions of a Mothcat/Subspecies, Item, or Companion. Both MYO and Official Mothcats can be dyed.

Black Dye Bottle.png

A generic bottle of black dye.
Empty Dye Bottle.png A bottle of dye after it has been used.
Black Egg Dye.png An egg dye bottle, used to dye items or companions.
Essence of Rainbow.png Essence of Rainbow can be used to make gradients.
Essence of Gold.png Essence of Gold can be used for metallic gold markings.
Old Black Dye Bottle.png Old dye bottles only have 25% maximum coverage.
Eye Primer.png Eye Primer can be combined with normal dyes to change eye colors

Types of Dyes

Generic Dyes

Generic dyes can be used on Mothcats, subspecies, companions, and other items. Each color corresponds to the range of shades and hues associated with the color. These dyes are all basic "flat" colors seen on the color wheel and do not include special effects.

Egg Dyes

Egg dyes are smaller, cheaper dyes that can only be used for companions and items. Otherwise they work exactly like generic dyes.

Special Dyes

Special dyes add effects to the character or item being dyed. Applied Traits, such as glittering and metallic effects, are achieved by using special dyes, named essences for distinction.

Dye Coverage

Dyes have different coverage, depending on what is being dyed. The maximum coverage is how much of the body can be coated with one bottle of dye. Multiple bottles of dyes are required for full body coverage for Mothcats. Old art style dye bottles (small, reverse tear-shaped) are retired items but may still be used for dyeing at half the coverage of a new bottle.

Mothcats Subspecies Companions Items
Generic Dyes 50% 100% 100% 100%
Special Dyes 50% 100% 100% 100%
Old Dyes (All) 25% 50% 50% 100%
Egg Dyes n/a n/a 100% 100%

For example, only one (1) bottle of dye is needed to completely dye an item a certain color. Two bottles of a specific color are required to completely recolor a Mothcat to that color.

Please note that these values are for solid dyeing only. See below for exceptions and techniques.

Methods and Techniques

Pre-Existing Markings

All pre-existing markings can be recolored with dyes without needing extra items. Markings can be "hidden" by coloring them with the same color as the surrounding fur.

New Markings

New markings can be added to Mothcats using Marking Primer, in addition to any required dyes for colors.


Regular dyes only offer "flat" and "solid" recolors. To add gradients, an Essence of Rainbow must be used.


Eyes can be dyed by using Eye Primer along with a normal or egg dye. Egg dye is used when only the eye color is being changed, or if the new eye color is not otherwise being applied to the cat. Otherwise, the eyes are considered part of the cat's "area" for determining how many regular dye bottles are needed.

One Eye Primer changes one color in the eyes- it cannot be used to add more colors. More eye colors can only be added through trait changes (such as heterochromia for more iris colors, or colored scelra for the sclera).

Essences/Eggsences may not be used with Eye Primers- only "flat" colored dyes may be used.


All items can be recolored freely as long as the right dyes are being used.

Purchasing Dyes

  • Dyes and Essences can be purchased from Ayana's Beauty Salon with Flower Tokens or crafted/mixed via quest.
  • Egg Dyes can be purchased from Farina's Craft store with Flower Tokens or crafted/mixed via quest.
  • Essences are available to purchase in limited amounts. They are exclusive to members Rank A or higher only.
  • Rank A members may purchase any special dye once per month, total.
  • Rank S members may purchase up to three special dyes per month, total.
  • If you want a darker or lighter shade of a color than the dye is you may be required to purchase additional black and/or white dyes to get your specific desired color.

Self-Service Dyeing (Mothcats/Subspecies)

  • Users must update Mothchive with updated images for Mothcats and subspecies' once the process has been approved (additional changes will not be accepted until the masterlist is up-to-date with the most current design).
  • Dyes can be used to dye any existing markings and/or parts of a Mothcat, but cannot be used to create new markings without a Marking Primer. Dyes cannot create new gradients without a Essence of Rainbow
  • Eyes can only be recolored with an Eye Primer and the appropriate dye.
  • Self Service Appraisals may be requested for:
    • Cats you own, with no restriction
    • Cats you don't own, but are either up for public trade or you are in private talks for, with the conditions of:
      • You must be able to provide proof of the (potential) trade at staff request
      • If the appraisal is being submitted publicly, it must have the permission of the current owner attached. (You are also welcome to privately note staff about trade appraisals.)
      • Users suspected of using this system to harass other members may be warned at staff discretion.
  • In cases where you are reverting to the exact previous design of a cat, you may request to use the previous art of the cat, if applicable.
    • Previous designs/art are available on the cat's chive page.
    • Please use the desired art as your "new" base, and make it clear you're intending to switch back to that design.
    • Staff may choose to deny art reversion requests, in the case of extreme ongoing issues or extenuating circumstances.

Self-Service Dyeing (Companions/Items)

See also: Adding Custom Items

  • It the user's responsibility to provide a 70x70 thumbnail of desired recolored items and companions. Bases are provided for some items, but not all.
  • Companions must be dyed "natural" colors. (For example, you cannot dye a hamster to be pink, whereas black or white would be acceptable).
  • Rank A or higher members may request "unnatural" colors, but it must be approved.
  • You can use both regular and egg dyes for this, though egg dyes are recommended.
  • Any recolored items or companions will be added to the Item Database.