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Chive (Mothcats Mascot) will be used as a reference for this guide.
Chive (Mothcats Mascot) will be used as a reference for this guide.

Having second thoughts about the hot pink eyeshadow markings you added to your MYO? We’d like you to be happy with your Mothcat; owners have the ability to change their design in both small and larger ways when it’s time for a new look. Simple design updates can be made without admin approval (see “Minor Design Changes” below). However, larger changes, for example, major color edits or trait changes, require admin approval through Ayana’s Beauty Salon (or a note to the group for trait changes). These changes can be made with items such as dyes, purchasable using in-game currency.

Those looking to make multiple, sweeping changes to a Mothcat’s design can utilize the Salon Service at Ayana’s Beauty Salon. Here, you can commission an Official Artist to redesign your Mothcat, giving them snazzy new official art for their Mothchive entry in the process! One common theme underlies all Mothcat redesigns, however, whether a self-service dye or salon makeover: the redesign must be recognizable from the original design, and maintain the theme of the adoptable, if applicable.

In the past, new markings could only be added using the Official Artist Salon Service. We are in the process of making ARPG items that will allow marking add-ons to your Mothcat (again, as long as they stay within the Mothcat’s theme). In addition, future ARPG items will allow owners to change the color of their Mothcat’s eyes, another feature that has previously been reserved for the Salon Service.

Minor Design Changes

Minor design changes can be made without going through a formal process. The general guidelines for minor design changes are:

  • Small markings can be added or removed
  • Present markings can be expanded slightly
  • Shapes of present markings can be changed
  • Minor hue shifts are allowed (within analogous color range)
  • Overall design must be recognizable compared to the original design


Major Design Changes

Major design changes require admin approval and must undergo special processes to be accepted. All "in-game" options are "free" and do not cost real-life currency to perform.

Type of Change Availablility How to Get Approved
Adding major markings In-Game, Commission Use marking primer item at self service or by appointment at Ayana's Beauty Salon.
Major hue changes In-Game, Commission Use dye item at self service or by appointment at Ayana's Beauty Salon.
Add clothing/accessories In-Game Add clothing/accessories to Mothcat inventories at the Item Kiosk. No further approval required.
Adding other applied traits In-Game, Commission Use special effects item at self service or by appointment at Ayana's Beauty Salon.
Changing traits In-Game, Commission Use trait change item by noting the Mothcats main group. Additional changes need to be made at Ayana's Beauty Salon for color/marking changes.


Using Trait Changes

The general procedure is as follows:

  1. Have a drawing ready with the Mothcat's new traits.
  2. Follow the approval and registration process normally.
  3. For the Proof of Ownership, link to the Mothcat's current Mothchive entry AND the transaction log comment containing the trait change slot.
  4. Update Mothchive with a link to the approved redesign and updated Chive base.

Trait changes can also be used through the following ARPG features:

For more information about self-servicing, please see the Dye Tutorial.

Trait Change Limitations

There is no formal limit to TC and essence use, as long as everything is properly updated and approved. Please provide proof of TCs/Essences as comment links, if possible.

While there is no formal limit, staff reserves the right to not approve or to restrict use, if it renders the design unrecognizable.