Misc Minerals

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Misc Minerals
Original Artist arquerite
Category Crafting
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Existing Types

Item Name Stash Link Availability Description
Hematite Rose.png Hematite Rose https://sta.sh/0yamhg5x4p5 Awarded from Ocean Wars 2016 This mineral rose is far sturdier - but no less beautiful - than the plant kind!
Obsidian.png Obsidian https://sta.sh/0nqfqc77dmg Awarded from Ocean Wars 2016 Also known as "volcanic glass," this mineral-like substance was formed from lava which cooled so rapidly that no crystal structures had time to form.
Olivine.png Olivine https://sta.sh/0f6iusd2u5d Awarded from Ocean Wars 2016 High-quality olivine is also known as the gemstone "peridot," but this one's just a clod.
Scoria.png Scoria https://sta.sh/0hnab7t1txx Awarded from Ocean Wars 2016 Though this sounds the name of a dragon queen, it's actually just a volcanic rock. The pitted surface of this rock was caused by gas bubbles escaping from hardening lava.
Pumice.png Pumice https://sta.sh/010nq4ye9892 Awarded from Ocean Wars 2016 This volcanic rock is so porous that it can float on water!
Pallasite.png Pallasite https://sta.sh/01g5ypjitbe3 Sold by Myrrh at the Mothcat Market A very special rock indeed! This is a slice of meteorite consisting of olivine crystals in an iron matrix, polished until it sparkles.
Moonstone.png Moonstone https://sta.sh/030eklx926z Sold by Akane at the Rion Springs Resort This rare and beautiful stone shimmers like the moonlight reflected in a pool of water.
Red Coral.png Red Coral https://sta.sh/05apdxxu9fw Awarded from Ocean Wars 2016, Cat Days of Summer 2017 Alyconians cultivate and harvest this coral sustainably, so you don't have to worry that your purchase is hurting the reef ecosystem.
Amethyst Cluster.png Amethyst Cluster https://sta.sh/01ylchaxyco Awarded from Northern Mettle 2017 This lightly-colored cluster of amethyst crystals is any collector's dream!
Bornite.png Bornite https://sta.sh/01wd33fo61rg Sold by Myrrh at the Mothcat Market This mineral is also known as "peacock ore," thanks to its beautiful iridescent hues.