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DISCLAIMER! A account is required to participate in the Mothcats ARPG. In addition, all participants automatically agree to the Species Terms and Conditions. Cheating and failure to comply with these terms will result in an automatic ban from the ARPG.
NOTICE! Mothcats does not allow official artwork to be modified for personal use.

Item crafting is a feature of the Mothcat Market in order to create custom items for your Mothcats. This can include items such as clothing, accessories, plushies, etc. Anything that can be added to a registered Mothcat's inventory can be crafted with the right materials.

Examples of craftable (or crafted) items can be seen below:

How to Craft

See also: Quests

General Crafts

Knick-knacks, accessories, clothing, and other generic items can be crafted through General quests offered by the following NPC's:

NPC Type of Craft Link to Quest
Farina General Crafts Here!
Ayana Dye Mixing Here!
Eris Custom Clothing/Accessories Here!

Visit the quest page corresponding to the type of crafting desired and follow the instructions listed in the description.

Special Crafts

Special crafting quests exist for items that are usually unable to be crafted. They can have specific themes and serve special purposes in the ARPG. All "special crafts" quests will be found under the Special quests category.

Examples of said items can be seen below:

Submitting and Modifying Crafted Items

See also: Adding Custom Items

Crafted items may be modified under the following conditions:

  • The original artist has given express permission to modify the original artwork.
  • A clean, transparent 70x70 image is provided as a replacement.

To update the original art of craft, please follow this process:

  1. Go to this link: Adding Items to the Database
  2. Fill out the following form:
Item Name:
Original Artist:
Link to Old Artwork: [From the Item DB]
Link to New Artwork: [From your Stash]
3. Wait for approval before updating your bank.

To modify existing crafted items:

  1. Follow the procedure for: Adding Items to the Database
  2. All newly modified items will be created as new items in the database. (The old one will not be deleted unless per original artist request.)