Material Exchange Tutorial

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When crafting larger projects, certain small materials might not be efficient to use. The Item Kiosk offers opportunities to exchange bulk small items for larger items. Below are the current conversion rates.

Updating Your Bank

When exchanging items, please update your bank with this form:

Link to Kiosk Comment:

Items Exchanged:



For wood, 10 sticks = 1 plank. 10 planks = 1 log. Therefore:

100 Stick.png 10 Plank.png Log.png
100 Sticks 10 Planks 1 Log


For stone, 10 rocks = 1 cinder block.

10 Rock.png Cinderblock.png
10 Rocks 1 Cinderblock


For paper, 100 index cards = 1 cardboard box. Recycling is important!

100 Index Card.png 10 Stack of Index Cards.png Cardboard Box.png
100 Index Cards 10 Stacks of Index Cards 1 Cardboard Box


Seeds can be consolidated and put into bags, depending on the size. Every 15 seeds gets a bag "upgrade" - for example, 30 single seeds = 1 medium bag of seeds. 1 small bag of seeds contains 15 seeds. 1 large bag of seeds contains 45 seeds.

90 Small Bag of Seeds.png 6 Small Bag of Seeds.png 3Medium Bag of Seeds.png 2 Large Bag of Seeds.png
90 Single Seeds 6 Small Bags of Seeds 3 Medium Bags of Seeds 2 Large Bags of Seeds


Old dyes can be exchanged for new dyes at a rate of 2:1.

2 Old Black Dye Bottle.png Black Dye Bottle.png
2 Old Dye Bottles 1 Dye Bottle