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Dull Hedgehog.png
Original Artist darlingjess
Category Companion
Stash Link

Existing Types

Item Name Stash Link Availability Description
Albino Hedgehog.png Albino Hedgehog https://sta.sh/0n08u0o4ouo Befriend at Amity Park Pink and sweet like the best cotton candy, and spiny and spikey like the worst cotton candy.
Bright Hedgehog.png Bright Hedgehog https://sta.sh/0a7j2nzacwy Befriend at Amity Park, Sold at the Companion Shop This little guy doesn't look like he could go fast at all!
Dull Hedgehog.png Dull Hedgehog https://sta.sh/0xysmq2en9g Befriend at Amity Park I wonder why he seems so dull, maybe he just needs a little light in his life!
First Place Hedgehog.png First Place Hedgehog https://sta.sh/01xdx1qnu7mk Befriend at Amity Park TOO FAST TOO FAST TOO FAST OH GOD OH NO OH JEEZ TOO FAST
Grass Hedgehog.png Grass Hedgehog https://sta.sh/0299rfju3lti Befriend at Amity Park Less of a hedgehog and more of a lawnhog.