Tumbled Keystone

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Tumbled Keystone
Tumbled Keystones.png
Original Artist floramisa
Category Crafting
Stash Link

Existing Types

Item Name Stash Link Availability Description
Tumbled Keystones.png Tumbled Keystones https://sta.sh/0399qn6g6g3 Sold at the Alyconia Gift Shoppe These round stones hum with energy, and seem to be connected to Alyconia in some way.
Two Tumbled Keystones.png Two Tumbled Keystones https://sta.sh/0yo2smr0i8f Use One (1) Tumbled Keystone Wait did you use one of these? I feel like there were more before...
One Tumbled Keystone.png One Tumbled Keystone https://sta.sh/0v2oq9ifsmv Use Two (2) Tumbled Keystones AHH! There's only one left! What do we do! It's a catastrophe!