Tumbled Keystone

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Tumbled Keystone
Tumbled Keystones.png
Original Artist floramisa
Category Crafting
Stash Link

Existing Types

Item Name Stash Link Availability Description
Tumbled Keystones.png Tumbled Keystones https://sta.sh/0399qn6g6g3 Awarded from Ocean Wars 2016, Explore Sarsa Beach, Alyconia These round stones hum with energy, and seem to be connected to Alyconia in some way.
Two Tumbled Keystones.png Two Tumbled Keystones https://sta.sh/0yo2smr0i8f Use One (1) Tumbled Keystone Wait did you use one of these? I feel like there were more before...
One Tumbled Keystone.png One Tumbled Keystone https://sta.sh/0v2oq9ifsmv Use Two (2) Tumbled Keystones AHH! There's only one left! What do we do! It's a catastrophe!