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MYOs: updated MYO sources for the mothsite
=== MYOs ===
MYO slot sales within the groups may include Both Greater and Standard Flowerbun slots, both in Standard and Greaterare available through the [ Mothbucks Shop]. These can be purchased and used like other MYO slots within the group.
MYO slots may also be awarded through various means, such as events, or the [ Morel Hollow scavenging location].
==== Free MYO ====
All Mothcat or Floriette Mothcats members get one free Standard MYO slot. This has no itemslot does not expire, and you don't need to do anything to claim it- does not become invalid even if you're get a member, you have a slotFlowerbun by other means before using it. Even if you're a member of both, you only get one slot, however!
This To redeem this slot does not expire, and does not become invalid even if you get a purchase your one-time Flowerbun by other means before using Seed from the [ Welcome Shop]. You may then turn itinto a full MYO slot at the [ MYO Kiosk].
To Members who previously redeemed their one free slot may redeem, follow [ standard MYO procedures], with your proof of ownership being [Free Standard MYO]this slot as well.
=== Pre-Made Designs ===
==== Amity Park ====
'''At the first day of every month''', there is a chance for a '''pre-designed''' Flowerbun to appear in one of the five [ amitypark Amity Park locations].
# These Flowerbuns can be tamed via a similar process as [[Companion Tutorial|companions]], however they require '''seeds''' instead of bait.
# Seeds # Seed items can be bought at the [ Z's 5 Flower Shop] in exchange for Flower Tokens.## In order to be able to use Seeds, a seed item (1 Seed, Bag of Seeds (S), Bag of Seeds (M), Bag of Seeds (L)) has to be opened via the user's inventory to receive the included [ Seeds currency].
## Please note that [[Acorina|Acorinas]] '''cannot''' be used to tame Flowerbuns!
# Users must wait '''24 hours ''after admin response''''' to try for a Flowerbun again (this includes new Flowerbuns and repeat tries for the same Flowerbun).
'''How to tame Flowerbuns:'''# Visit [ any Open Location on Amity Park] to see if there are any wild Flowerbuns in the area.# After Click on any confirmed taming attempt (no matter whether successful or not) you have Flowerbun of interest to update your Mothcat Bank with the following form find out their character code (see also [[Managing User Banks]]):{| class=f.e. "wikitableFBUN-77").|-|# Make a '''Link new submission to Comment Chainthe [ Amity Park prompt]''':.## Put the '''New Seed Countcharacter code''':|}of the Flowerbun in question in the '''When you have successfully tamed a Flowerbun:"comments" section'''.# You will receive a # '''note''' with the full sized artwork.# To officially register them to the masterlist, you have to note Attach one (1) unit of [ Misaverseworld/currencies?name=seeds Seeds currency] with the following form:{| class="wikitable"|-|'''Registration of a tamed Flowerbun in the '''"add-ons" section'''Proof of Ownership of your submission.# When you''': (Link ve successfully tamed a Flowerbun, their ownership will be transferred to you on the stash [ masterlist].## You will find a non-watermarked file where of the Flowerbun was tamed)|}in the "staff comments" section of your approved submission.

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