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DISCLAIMER! A Mothcats.com account is required to participate in the Mothcats ARPG. In addition, all participants automatically agree to the Species Terms and Conditions. Cheating and failure to comply with these terms will result in an automatic ban from the ARPG.

About Flower Tokens

Flower Tokens are Mothcats currency earned from drawing and participating in events. All Flower Tokens and inventory transactions are tracked by your Mothcats Site Account. All members are required to register for the website to participate in Flower Token and inventory-related activities. 

Types of Flower Tokens

Copper Flower Token L.png

Copper Flower Token, the basic unit
Silver Flower Token L.png Silver Flower Token, worth 10 Copper Tokens.

Retired after the introduction of the website.

Gold Flower Token L.png Gold Flower Token, worth 10 Silver Tokens.

Retired after the introduction of the website.

Flower Tokens Version 4.0

Flower Tokens 4.0 (introduced June 2022) is largely the same as version 3.0. The main changes have been in simplifying listed token reward values and streamlining certain guidelines, with minor changes in the overall reward values.

What you can expect from 4.0:

  • Removal of award “ranges” in favor of a single value
  • Background bonuses are now elaborated upon
  • Polished pieces are clarified to receive a 1.25 x multiplier
  • Painted pieces are clarified to receive a 1.25 x multiplier
  • Rates for reused art/YCHs and bases have been simplified

Earning Flower Tokens

Flower Tokens can be earned from drawing Mothcat and subspecies-related art.

  • Mothcats admins manually distribute Flower Tokens through our website
  • Please wait at least 72 hours after a piece has been accepted into the gallery to inquire about token distribution
  • Flower Tokens can be earned for Mothcat-related personal art, commissions, and trades
  • Flower Tokens cannot be purchased with real-life currency
  • Flower Tokens can be spent at certain Mothcats shops
  • Your current amount of flower tokens can be viewed here

To earn Flower Tokens as a commissioner OR as a participant of a collaboration:

  • For commissioned works, your role as a commissioner must be added in the “Other Participants” module of the gallery submission page by the artist
  • For collaborations, your role and that of your collaboration partner must be added in the “Collaborations” module of the gallery submission page
  • If these are not stated, you will not earn credit for the piece and editing will be done only at an admin’s discretion

To receive flower tokens for an offsite commission, submit the commission to this prompt on the website

  • This prompt is only for artists who are not registered on the website. We will not value member artwork through this prompt!

Flower Token Reward Rates

Patterned backgrounds only count towards the "abstract background" bonus if they have multiple colors or significant character reference elements (color palettes, eye/mouth/paw details, etc) and will be awarded at the valuer’s discretion.

All values listed below are measured in Flower Tokens. All values round up after all calculations are complete (0.5 tokens → 1 token).

Artists determine whether their pieces qualify for “Painted,” “Polished,” and “Detailed Scenic Background” bonuses.

Headshots are considered any Mothcats/subspecies art that include up to the head and mane, regardless of the presence of wings.

Busts are any art that incorporates body below the mane, such as the upper torso and shoulder.

Fullbodies are roughly any art that incorporates around 70% of the character or more. Hiding the character behind other objects or characters may cause the art to be valued as a bust at the valuer’s discretion.

Digital and Traditional Artwork

Tokens are awarded per Mothcat in a drawing.

Digital and Traditional Artwork Amount Awarded Bonus (if applicable)
Colored Shading
Sketch Headshot 0.5 1 0.5
Bust 1 1.5 0.5
Full Body Chibi 1.5 1.5 1
Full Body 2.5 2 1
Clean Lines or


Headshot 1 2 1
Bust 2 2 1
Full Body Chibi 2 2 1
Full Body 3 3 2
Animations Varies. (Generally awarded per frame, as outlined above.)
Painted Drawings in a painterly style. Are valued like lined and colored submissions

(+ shading, if it applies), but given a 1.25x multiplier

Polished Pieces that have an above average level of effort (determined by the artist) receive a 1.25x multiplier

(stacks with painted if both apply)

Backgrounds Abstract/Reference Scenic Detailed Scenic
3 5 8

Writing and Poetry

All written submissions receive 5 FT for every 500 words (or 1 FT for every 100 words). To receive tokens rewards for stories, a word count must be included in the “Flower Tokens Awards” module of the gallery submission page.

Crafts and Other Physical Items

The amount of FT awarded for crafts and other physical items varies, depending on the size and detail of the submission. By default, all crafts earn at least 3-5 FT. Feel free to contact an admin if you believe you should receive more for a craft piece, as we do not have experience with every type of media and the effort it takes.

F2U/P2U Bases and YCH's

Original F2U/P2U bases drawn by the artist will earn rewards as outlined above. All "blank" YCH bases do not receive rewards. The value of YCH or “reused” artwork is halved but may earn less if a significant portion of the art is reused at the valuer’s discretion.

Rewards are halved for using another artist's base relative to what they would normally receive (eg., a colored fullbody base would receive 3 FT instead of 6 FT). This includes official Mothcats bases.

Miscellaneous Rewards

Mothcats encourages interactions between members. Commissioning, art trading, and collaborating with others to draw/write/craft Mothcats earns the following:

Category From You to Others From Others to You
Commissions As outlined above. Half of the artist's rewards.
Trades 0
Gifts 0
Collabs As outlined above, split evenly between the collaborators.

Flower Token Commissions

Users may commission others using flower tokens via the Trading Post but should keep the following in mind.

  • Members may receive flower tokens as a form of payment for commissions but will not receive flower token rewards in addition to the commission payment.
  • Please tag any commissions paid with flower tokens as [FT-C] or something similar that clearly indicates it is a Flower Token commission.
  • Users who commissioned the art will not receive any flower tokens.

Flower Token Queue

Flower Tokens will be updated within 72 hours by Mothcats admins. 

If it appears a submission was forgotten by the admins, please inquire about it in #public-questions on Discord or the help desk