Floral Traits

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Any type of flower can be used for floral traits. The rarity is determined by the complexity, size, and shape.

Rare Floral Traits

Simple flower shapes are all considered rare. The trait is defined by singular flowers in a variety of shapes. Some examples include (but are not limited to):

Ultra Rare Floral Traits

Any complex flowers or ones that are identified in groups are considered ultra rare.

Exclusive Floral Traits

Cacti, mushrooms, and anything that isn't really a flower are considered exclusive floral traits.

Rarity Stacking

For ease of use, here are how the different combinations of trait and flower rarity interact!

Original Trait Rarity Flower Rarity Resulting Rarity

(Floral Antennae, Floral Mane)

Rare Rare
Ultra Rare Ultra Rare
Exclusive Exclusive
Ultra Rare

(Floral Tail, Floral Tufts, Embedded Flowers)

Rare Ultra Rare
Ultra Rare Exclusive
Exclusive Exclusive

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