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Enchantments are an incredibly powerful feature that allows you to add many things to your Mothcats. These can range from special abilities and minor design changes, up to special breeds of Mothcats only available through the system. The sky's the limit!

Grade 1 Enchantment Potion.png A Grade 1 Enchantment Potion
Grade 2 Enchantment Potion.png A Grade 2 Enchantment Potion
Grade 3 Enchantment Potion.png A Grade 3 Enchantment Potion
Dubious Potion.png A Dubious Potion, which can have other effects then just enchantment

How to Obtain

Pre-made Mothcats from various sources such as advents and auctions may come with enchantments already included. These are generally established, but the buyer may customize details, as appropriate.

To apply enchantments to pre-existing Mothcats or MYOs, you must obtain and use Enchantment Potions. These can be obtained through the Enchantment Station quest, in the ARPG.

Levels of Enchantment

Enchantments come in different grades. Generally, the higher the grade, the more extreme effects the enchantment can have.

In general, all enchantments may have a "glittery" effect. This is up to the owner of the cat, and must be restricted to the enchantment.

Grade 1:

Grade 1 enchantments include, but aren't limited to:

  • Simple action-based things, such as:
    • Temporary color changing
    • Most temporary actions
  • Companion-based things, such as:
    • Familiars (similar to companions, but with no limit beyond amount of enchantments applied)
    • Animated objects
  • Item-based things, such as:
    • Accessories/clothing
    • Any item in general that's enchanted

Grade 2:

Grade 2 enchantments include, but aren't limited to:

  • Complex action-based:
    • Non-elemental "superpowers" like
      • Moving small objects with mind control
      • Temporarily transforming objects into other forms
      • Things of that nature
  • Appearance-based:
    • Moving markings
      • Generally retains the look of the original markings.
    • Always-changing colors (i.e. chameleon skin)
    • Any applied trait markings
    • One-way transformations
    • Size transformations
      • Limited to about a 50% difference from normal Mothcat sizes. (That is, x0.5 to x1.5 the size of a normal Mothcat.)
    • Colored bones
    • Realistic non-Mothcat proportions
      • Anything that has real examples, such as the long legs of a maned wolf or the long body of a dachshund.
      • Generally has to be within reason.
      • Cannot be used to create Munchkin Mothcats!

Grade 3:

Grade 3 enchantments include, but aren't limited to:

  • Complex elemental-based actions:
    • Controlling (single) elements at will
      • One enchantment per element
  • Shape shifting
    • Two-way transformations (two forms that go back and forth)
      • Can be used to create an alternate Mothcat form, as long as all traits either remain the same or downgrade to common (unless another trait is purchased/added)
    • Unlimited transformations (unlimited forms - usually in the form of other animals and stuff)
      • One enchantment per form
  • Living Animation
    • Turns inanimate objects into "living" Mothcats (can be used on extant Mothcats!)
      • Toy/plushie
      • Food/sugar
      • Undead
  • Unrealistic non-Mothcat proportions
    • Anything that goes beyond what could be considered feasible, or that is seen on real animals.
    • Cannot be used to create Munchkin Mothcats!

If you have a question as to what grade an enchantment falls under, please ask here!


Enchantment Potions must be used to apply enchantments. The effects vary depending on the potion used.

Enchantment Potions

The normal enchantment potions apply the grade of enchantment stated- eg. a grade 2 will apply a grade 2. You cannot downgrade an enchantment grade. Potions may only be used once each.

They may also be used to apply Chimera Traits when combined with a TC- please check that page for details!

Enchantment potions may be used on MYO slots, like TCs!

Dubious Potions

Dubious potions may be used at the Item Kiosk to make an inanimate object a companion. However, they may also be consumed by a Mothcat to possibly add an enchantment of a random grade to the Mothcat! Dubious potions may also only be used once each.

To use a dubious potion on a Mothcat, please go here. You must declare a Mothcat to use the potion on, in case an enchantment is rolled. Dubious Potions cannot be used on MYO slots!

The possible results- and rates- of using a dubious potion on a Mothcat are:

Result Rate
Nothing happens! 45%
Get a random item. 25%
Get a grade 1 enchantment. 17%
Get a grade 2 enchantment. 11%
Get a grade 3 enchantment. 2%

By using a dubious potion, you agree to the risk that you may get a result you don't want. Gamble responsibly!

If you get an enchantment, it must be used on the selected cat. If you dislike the result, use the disenchantment quest to remove it after application!

Rolled enchantments may also be used to create Chimera Traits on the selected cat, as long as the appropriate TC is owned for the rolled grade.

How to Apply

Enchantment potions may be used like TCs for the purpose of application- you can apply them to MYOs on creation, take them to the salon, or message the main group to use them.

Dubious potion rolls are locked to the cat that used it, and thus cannot be used on MYOs. However, you can still take the comment either to the salon, or the main group notes, to use.

Enchantments are treated as TCs by the salon, and thus do not incur a fee if they're the only major change being made to the Mothcat.

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