Elemental Traits

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Background Information

Elemental traits are most commonly present in antennae, manes, wings, and tails. They are also present as paw tufts on occasion. The elements are based off of the nine Mothlions and include:

  1. Flame
  2. Water
  3. Ice
  4. Grass & Flora
  5. Wind
  6. Stone
  7. Crystal
  8. Lightning

Elemental Traits

While most elemental traits are ultra rare, some traits, such as leafy, are common due to the widespread presence of the gene in Mothcats.

The following traits are "known" to the Mothcats ARPG plot line, but others will be introduced soon.

Examples of Elemental Traits

Elemental traits are among the most versatile traits in Mothcats. The size and shape varies greatly from one Mothcat to another. Examples of the known traits are shown below:





Miscellaneous Traits

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