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Original Artist floramisa
Category Tasty Treats
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Existing Types

Item Name Stash Link Availability Description
Candy Corn.png Candy Corn Trick Or Treat 2016 A certain admin represented with a $ hates them.
Butterscotch.png Butterscotch Trick Or Treat 2016 Buttery and scotchy, all at once!
Chocolate Heart.png Chocolate Heart Trick Or Treat 2016 To show how much you love someone! With chocolate!
Coffee Candy.png Coffee Candy Trick Or Treat 2016 This will put some pep in your step!
Cotton Candy.png Cotton Candy Trick Or Treat 2016 Soft as a cloud and sweet as pure sugar. Because it is pure sugar.
Fruit-Flavored Loops.png Fruit-Flavored Loops Trick Or Treat 2016 Ive heard of a certain mothkitten who absolutely adores these
Individually Wrapped Caramel.png Individually Wrapped Caramel Trick Or Treat 2016 One (1) Caramel
Konpeito.png Konpeito Trick Or Treat 2016 Happy little sugary stars to put a smile on anyone's face
Lollipop.png Lollipop Trick Or Treat 2016 It tastes like grapes. Sort of? Do grapes taste like that? I dont remember...
Rice Paper-Wrapped Moon Candy.png Rice Paper-Wrapped Moon Candy Trick Or Treat 2016 Embellished with a beautiful crescent moon
Rock Candy.png Rock Candy Trick Or Treat 2016 It's not a real rock though, right? Right???
Chocolate Bar.png Chocolate Bar Trick Or Treat 2016 Chocorific!