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Mother of Pearl Oyster.png
Original Artist arquerite
Category Collectible
Stash Link

Existing Types

Item Name Stash Link Availability Description
Closed Oyster.png Closed Oyster https://sta.sh/0zwxyk5uzw3 Awarded from Ocean Wars 2016, Explore Sarsa Beach, Alyconia Homely on the outside, comely on the inside?
Mother of Pearl Oyster.png Mother of Pearl Oyster https://sta.sh/0k9eammuv4f Possible result from opening a Closed Oyster Comely on the inside!
Empty Oyster.png Empty Oyster https://sta.sh/017qsbhhq2xs Possible result from opening a Closed Oyster Homely on the inside...


  • Closed oysters may be opened at the Item Kiosk, and may contain a pearl, mother of pearl, or nothing.