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Heartnoses are a semi-open subspecies of the Misaverse. They can be used as companions to main species characters or standalone characters. Though “Heartnose" refers to the species as a whole, they have a highly chaotic variant known as “Sparklenoses”. The species is defined by heart-shaped noses.

General Information - Heartnoses

Heartnoses must be small, landbound mammals, with flat-colored, heart-shaped noses. They can have unrealistic colors and markings, and do not need to directly correspond to a real animal, but must otherwise not have fantasy features (wings, extra limbs, fins, etc.).

Small mammals are things such as cats, small dogs (no larger than a corgi), rabbits, and most rodents. Other mammals can also count as long as they are in this size range and landbound. Whether a particular animal can be used is calculated based on average adult size- individual outliers and particularly large/small breeds will not be factored in. There is currently no Mothcats-specific height reference, but check here if you need an idea of the maximum size accepted.

All Heartnoses are smaller than a Mothcat, regardless of the size of the real animal(s) they're based on.

You can view existing Heartnoses here.

How to Obtain

Heartnose MYOs are available for free through completion of the Heart-to-Heartnose Quest. Please see the quest page and guidelines for further details.

General Information - Sparklenoses

Sparklenoses are known to come in many sizes, shapes, textures, and forms, and have mysterious powers. Like Heartnoses, they have heart-shaped noses; unlike Heartnoses, their noses always sparkle. You can view existing Sparklenoses here.

Design Guidelines

Though largely chaotic and free of strict guidelines, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind when designing your Sparklenose:

Nose - Sparklenoses must feature a sparkly, heart-shaped nose. Because this is the defining feature of the subspecies, it must be a visible part of the design. Animals without “typical” noses are welcome, so long as a nose is added - for example, there are birdlike Sparklenoses where the heart is incorporated into the beak, or “inorganic” creatures such as hats and treasure chests.

No copyrighted content or attempts to directly mimic other closed species.

No attempts to directly mimic Mothcats/Mothlions - catlike/big cat Sparklenoses are okay, and even ones with a Mothcat-adjacent feature (wings, antennae, mane, etc). However, we may ask for corrections for designs we feel too closely resemble Mothcats.

No multi-headed creatures - Sorry, only one sparkly nose per Sparklenose! We have decided multiheaded creatures are not within the species’ capabilities.

No anthros or humanoid creatures - Overly anthropomorphized designs will be rejected. Creatures standing on two legs are acceptable provided they are clearly feral in nature. By that same token, overly “human-like” designs will also be rejected. Doll-like Sparklenoses are okay provided they are clearly dolls, but we reserve the right to judge them on a case-by-case basis.

Accessories - Heartnoses can display accessories on their Masterlist images. However, you will still need to own an accessory or clothing slot, attach it upon MYO submission, and include the accessory in the character’s trait list. This permanently attaches the accessory. Since Sparklenoses are so variable, we may ask for clarification on which parts of a Sparklenose are accessories and which features are a part of the Sparklenose during MYO approval.

Other than that, the only limits are your imagination! Things such as dragons, mechs, and everyday objects have all been made into Sparklenoses.

How to Obtain


Sparklenose MYO slots/tickets are available through the Mothbucks Shop. These can be purchased and used like other MYO slots within the group.

MYO slots may also be awarded through the ARPG, such as events or the Morel Hollow scavenging location.

Premade Designs

Like most other species, premade Sparklenoses may occasionally be offered for sale, found up for adoption at the Fairy Docks, or obtained through trade with other users.