Enchanted Breeds

Enchanted Breeds of Mothcats are any kind of Mothcat that aren't living, breathing creatures- whether this be animated objects, undead Mothcats, or anything else! Enchanted Breed Mothcats often have usual traits, parts made out of non-Mothcat materials, and can be totally composed of other materials!

These types of Mothcats are highly variable, and information here may not perfectly apply to every Enchanted Subbreed Mothcat. Please contact a staff member before you do anything with an Enchanted Subbreed Mothcat to make sure your plans are viable!



Enchanted Breed Mothcat traits can be highly variable, and many even in the same broad categories will have totally different traits from each other. They can, however, be grouped into two broad categories:


Enchantment-Generated traits are traits that are not based off an existing Mothcat trait, and often are highly specific to the cat in question. All Enchanted Breed Mothcats have at least one Enchantment-Generated trait- some types have specifically set required traits, listed below.

Some of the general types of Enchanted-Generated traits are as follows:

  • Various non-eye eyes (toy eyes, buttons, candy, etc.).
    • These are generally referred to as Face traits.
  • Anything that changes what the entire body is made of (ghostly, candy, toy, etc.).
    • These are generally referred to as Body traits.
  • Traits that comprise of candy/toys/etc. attached to the cat with no clear Mothcat equivalent.

Up to two Enchantment-Generated traits can be used per cat. This is counted separately from non-Enchanted subbreed traits, if relevant (So, 2 Enchantment-Generated traits, and 2 traits from the other subbreed).

Additional Enchantment-Generated traits can be added with G3 potions, 1 potion per trait. EX trait changes may be used until 11:59:59 pm CT, December 31st, 2022.


Converted traits are any traits based off existing Mothcat traits, but made out of non-Mothcat materials, or otherwise changed by the nature of the Enchanted Breed. They are optional, but can be used to add a bit more variety to a cat!

Converted traits require access to the base trait in order to be used. As such, their behaviour changes somewhat based on the original rarity of the trait.

Common Converted traits:

  • Need to remain very similar to the original trait- that is, keep the same shape.
  • Mothcats without a Body trait can only have up to two common Converted traits.
    • Mothcats with a Body Trait do not have a common Converted limit, but it's recommended you only use common Converteds to distinguish material changes or other properties of the trait that wouldn't be explained by the Body trait.

Rare+ Converted traits:

  • Have a little more leeway in how much they have to resemble the base trait- as long as they remain recognisable!
  • There is no limit to the amount of Rare+ Converted traits a Mothcat can have, as long as you have the ability to supply the base traits.


While there are many possible Enchanted Breed Mothcats, they fall under four broad categories: Toy, Sugar, Undead and Other. Each category has certain traits required for a Mothcat to be considered part of them.

MC-1191, a Toy Mothcat.
MC-1191, a Toy Mothcat.


Toy Mothcats are any Mothcats that are composed of anything that would be generally considered a toy, such as stuffed animals, dolls (including collector's dolls), and similar.

The required trait of Toy Mothcats is Toy Eyes:

  • All Toy Mothcats have to have at least eyes made out of an appropriate material for their type of toy.
    • This can include buttons or safety eyes for a plush Mothcat, or glass eyes for a doll, for example.
  • This can also modify the entire face of the Mothcat, if appropriate.
    • For example, a sewn face with a set facial expression.

Other possible traits for a Toy Mothcat include, but are not limited to:

  • Body made of the toy material (Plush Body, Doll Body, etc.)
  • Artificial fur and hair (Converted)
  • Mesh components (Converted using transparency)
MC-434, a Sugar Mothcat.
MC-434, a Sugar Mothcat.


Sugar Mothcats are any Mothcat made out of dessert, or having sweet food based traits.

The required trait of Sugar Mothcats is a Candy Face:

  • All sugar Mothcats need at least eyes made out of some kind of candy or dessert material.
    • This can include gumdrop eyes or icing eyes, for example.
  • This can also modify the entire face of the Mothcat.
    • For example, a face drawn on with icing.

Other possible traits for a Sugar Mothcat include, but are not limited to:

  • Body made of candy (Gummy Body, etc.)
  • Body parts made out of assorted candies (Converted or Enchantment-Generated, depending on what exactly is done.)
  • Sugar glitter (Converted using glitter)
MC-1146, an Undead Mothcat.
MC-1146, an Undead Mothcat.


Undead Mothcats are Mothcats that were reanimated in some fashion after an untimely end, and show the marks of their brush with the grave

Undead Mothcats require at least one Undead trait, but it does not strictly need to be on the face. Some examples of possible traits include, but are not limited to:

  • Ghostly Body (Body trait, does not require transparency added)
  • Stitches and sewn on parts (Body trait)
  • Solid colored eyes (Face trait)
  • No visible pupils (Face trait)
  • Mushroom growths (Enchantment-Generated)
  • Visible skeletal parts (Enchantment-Generated)

Undead Mothcat traits cannot surpass a PG-13 rating. Please look at Zombie and Translucent Neopets if you want an idea of the level of detail generally allowed!

While any category of Mothcat may get a content warning on the Masterlist if staff feels it necessary, it is more likely with Undead Mothcats due to their nature. While we will do our best to notify users if a content warning is needed for their design, content warnings may be added at any time. They do not represent a warning, and you may use the design (with appropriate content warnings) as per usual!

MC-1647, a "Other" Category Mothcat.
MC-1647, based off a real world cat mug, falls into the "Other" category.


"Other" Enchanted Breed Mothcats are generally Mothcats composed of a non-Mothcat material, but that aren't considered Toy or Sugar. This can include robotic Mothcats, or Mothcats made out of mundane items, as examples..

As the nature of these Mothcats depends heavily on what they're intended to be made from, or based off of, example required traits cannot be provided. However, all Mothcats in this category require at least one trait that clearly belongs to whatever they're supposed to be.

While it is highly recommended all Enchanted Breed Mothcats get a design check prior to submission, all "Other" Breed Mothcats require a check, in order to make sure your chosen traits will qualify for the requirement!

How to Obtain

Pre-made Enchanted Breed Mothcats may be available through sources like sales and events. They will be labled as such!

Enchanted Breed Mothcats are also able to pass their breed down through breeding, unlike most enchantments!

User-created Enchanted Breed Information

When creating a Enchanted Breed Mothcat, whether by MYO or converting an existing cat, there's some specific guidelines to follow in order to make the process as simple as possible for all involved.

Enchanted Breeds can be applied to a Mothcat using a Grade 3 Enchantment Potion. While EX TCs can be used to allow more Enchantment-Generated traits on a cat, they cannot be used to apply the breed alone.

It is highly recommended you get your design checked before you start seeking resources, or making final plans, so staff can verify your plans are viable!

How to Format a MYO Submission/Design Update

  • The comment box should contain a list of your Enchantment-Generated and Converted traits. Converted traits should also state which trait is being converted from, along with rarity if the base trait has multiple possible rarities (feather wings, etc.)
    • If you need to explain your logic behind a converted trait, this is also the place to do it.
  • Please also link your design check in the comment box!
  • Images and Add-ons should be formatted as per normal.
  • In traits, you should:
    • List the primary subtype of the Mothcat as Enchanted. List secondary subtype only if the cat is also a non-Standard breed, such as Aquatic, or is a Mothkitten.
    • List all Enchantment-Generated and Converted traits as "Enchanted [trait type]"
      • Use the textbox beside the drop-down to provide the trait's specific name!

How to Format a Design Check

To check if your Enchanted Breed plan is viable, please use the Enchantment Appraisal here, and fill out the "Enchanted Breed" form.

Ideally, design checks are done when you have a MYO slot, so everything can be input as it would be on submission. You don't need to have final art or have all items, but please be respectful of staff time and only check if you are fairly certain you are going to go ahead with the design if viable.

Generally, format as close to the design update/myo submission as possible. This helps staff in making sure your plan is good to go!

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