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DISCLAIMER! A account is required to participate in the Mothcats ARPG. In addition, all participants automatically agree to the Species Terms and Conditions. Cheating and failure to comply with these terms will result in an automatic ban from the ARPG.

Companions are small creatures that can act as pets to Mothcats and subspecies! The easiest ways to get companions are through Amity Park, the Companions Shop, as well as through events and quests. As a rule of thumb, companions must be smaller than the Mothcat or Subspecies they belong to. That means Mothkittens and Subspecies can only have tiny companions like insects.

Bee.png An example of a Mothcat companion.

Amity Park

Companion Bait.png Companion Bait can be used at Amity Park to try to tame a wild companion.
  1. Amity Park is a Mothcats ARPG feature that offers members the opportunity to "befriend" certain wild animals. These animals can act as companions for Mothcats.
  2. Mothcats subspecies can also appear in Amity Park. They can be kept as standalone characters or companions to existing Mothcats.
  3. Members can purchase Companion Bait using Flower Tokens to visit the park.
    • Bait items can be purchased in the Companion Shop.
    • In order to be able to use Bait, a bait item (Companion Bait, Bag of Bait (S), Bag of Bait (M), Bag of Bait (L)) has to be opened via the user's inventory to receive the included Companion Bait currency.
  1. Users must wait 24 hours after admin response to try for a companion again (this includes new companions and repeat tries for the same companion).
  2. That means you can only try for one companion at a time, so choose wisely!
  3. Check back frequently, because new companions appear in all Amity Park locations every other week!

Approaching Companions

Silver Acorina.png Silver Acorinas can be used in place of bait to tame a companion that you find in Amity Park with a 100% success rate.
  1. Visit any Open Location on Amity Park to see if there are any wild companions in the area.
  2. Click on any companion of interest to find out their full item name (f.e. "Black Marked Mouse").
  3. Make a new submission to the Amity Park prompt.
    1. Attach the companion you want to tame in the "rewards" section of your submission.
    2. If you want to use bait to tame the companion, attach one (1) unit of Companion Bait currency in the "add-ons" section of your submission.
    3. If you want to use a Silver Acorina instead, attach one (1) Silver Acorina in the the "add-ons" section of your submission (instead of bait).

Attracting Companions

Golden Acorina.png Golden Acorinas can be used to attract a specific companion.
  1. Golden Acorinas allow you to "wish" for specific companions.
    • Bait is NOT needed to use a Golden Acorina.
    • If you wish for a specific existing companion, you will receive that companion in exchange for the Golden Acorina.
    • You can also wish for “custom” companions that do not yet exist in the item database.
  2. Florabuns and other subspecies cannot be attracted in this manner. This option is only for regular animal companions.
  3. Go to the Inventory Kiosk ("Exchanging materials") to use the feature.

Companion Slots

There are two types of companion slots: silver and gold. These slots are wildcard items that allow the user to have any kind of companion (custom or pre-existing) for use in the ARPG.

1 Silver Companion Slot.png Silver Companion Slots can be used for any common/uncommon (non-mythical) companion - for both custom ones and companions that already exist in the database.
1 Gold Companion Slot.png Golden Companion Slots can be used for any rare companion (mythical/event-specific) - for both custom ones and companions that already exist in the database.

To activate the slot:

  1. Make a new submission to the Inventory Kiosk prompt.
  2. In the URL field, please provide a link to a visual reference of what you wish to use the slot for. If using a slot to attach an item that exists in the item DB already, please link to the item in the DB.
  3. In the comments field, add any further details as necessary.
  4. Under "Characters", click "Add Character" and enter the code of the character you wish to attach the slot to.
    1. This is their category followed by their number, and is visible on their masterlist entry. For instance, for a Mothcat, this is MC-###.
    2. If correctly entered, the character's masterlist image should appear.
    3. Do not enter any further information here! Staff will take care of the rest.
  5. Select the slot you wish to attach in the Add-ons section.
    1. Remember to check the box on the appropriate row!
  6. You're done-- Submit!
  7. Please note that only one slot should be attached per submission. This is both to make submissions easier to process and to keep the records relating to slots orderly!

Once the slot is activated by being attached to a Mothcat, the companion is locked. Removing the slot from that Mothcat's inventory will allow it to be reused.

Once a slot is removed, the former companion is no longer usable until another companion slot or same pre-existing companion is attached.

Custom Companions

Custom companions can be obtained by using companion slots as per the guidelines above.

All custom companions must be drawn by the user, a friend, or commissioned. Official Mothcats Artists are no longer responsible for drawing custom items.

The following artists have volunteered to draw custom items for members who cannot find anyone else to do so (this resource should be used as a last resort): fanface

Attaching/Detaching Companions

Companions can be added to or removed from a Mothcat's or subspecies' inventory by the character's owner without any admin help.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to your character's masterlist entry.
  2. Click on their "inventory".
  3. If you want to attach a companion, select it in the "Your Inventory" section & click on "transfer".
  4. If you want to detach a companion, click on the companion in the inventory & click on "transfer item" -> "transfer".

Please note that any Mothcat or subspecies can only have a maximum of three companions at all times.

Companion Whistles

Companion Whistle.png Companion Whistles are retired and no longer function. They can be exchanged for either a Silver Acorina or a Silver Companion Slot here.