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Bumblebuns are a semi-open subspecies of the Misaverse. They can be used as companions to main species characters, or standalone characters, and are a cross between rabbits and bumblebees.

General Information

Bumblebuns are small, rabbit-bee hybrid creatures, with a few core traits and striped bodies. All bumblebuns also have a tooth-like "stinger" at the end of their tails which are usually hidden by fluff. They are used as a defense mechanism whenever a Bumblebun feels threatened.

Adult Bumblebuns are about 1/3 the size of adult Mothcats, and generally weigh less than 1 lb. Baby Bumblebuns hatch a little smaller than Mothkittens do, and are considered "adult" after 2 weeks, but don't have a "baby" form.

Though out of date, the original Bumblebuns species sheet can be found here for basic information about the species. Bumblebuns were discontinued for a period of time, but when they were re-introduced on December 1st, 2020, the major change that was made was that stripes were no longer restricted by type.

Types & Traits

The core design feature of every Bumblebun is that they must feature stripes of some sort, though other markings are also allowed, as long as stripes are present. Other traits vary according to their subtype & sex. Bumblebuns are split into three subtypes: Common, Noble, and Royal. These types determine what traits a Bumblebun has access to, though there are limited Exclusive traits as well. Among Royal Bumblebuns there is a single Queen who rules the colony; the Queen Bumblebun in Falena is Vienna.

Additionally, Bumblebuns also distinguish between male & female sexes, as denoted by a crown marking on female Bumblebuns' foreheads. The crown shape also varies with subtype. Female bumblebuns are known for their ability to reproduce via laying eggs. In Bumblebun society, egg-laying buns tend to take on the majority of leadership roles. Note that the sex of a Bumblebun does not have any bearing on their gender - Bumblebuns may be any gender they like, regardless of their status as egg-laying or not.

The visual list of traits can be found here. Bumblebuns traits may be changed within those available to them (their subtype or lower) using a Common Trait Change. The bumblebun base for MYO submissions can be found here, along with the rest of our bases. Further details on the traits are noted below.


All crowns must be red, though the exact shade/hue can vary slightly within the red spectrum. Crowns only appear on female, i.e. egg-laying, buns.


Bumblebun eyes may have heterochromia without needing any specific subtype tier. However, they may not have colored sclera, and the whites of the eyes must be visible on the base.


Lion Mane is a trait exclusive to Misa's patreon supporters.


All bumblebun wings are transparent, and must be a single color. This means that wings cannot have markings on them, nor can they have gradients.

Applied Traits

Bumblebuns may have applied traits such as glitter, gold, etc. via the use of eggsence egg dyes.

How to Obtain

Bumblebuns are available via a variety of methods, both through in-group activities and by purchase. Bumblebuns may occasionally be part of a site raffle, XTA, or sale. However, the most common way to obtain a Bumblebun is through eggs.


As stated above, female Bumblebuns possess the ability to lay eggs. This process is completely automated on site, and is as follows:

  1. Each month, each female Bumblebun (those with crowns, though you can also check on their masterlist entry) produces 1-3 eggs. You can collect these by going to the Bumblebun's masterlist entry and clicking "Collect Eggs" in the sidebar. If a Bumblebun has eggs available to collect, you will be presented with a button to do so! You only need to click it to receive the eggs.
    1. This page also tells you how many batches of eggs are available to collect and when the next batch will become available.
    2. You do not have to collect these each month to be able to receive that month's eggs. If you do not collect a month's batch of eggs by the next month, you will simply receive both months' eggs when you collect them-- and so on and so forth for each month you "skip", with no limit, so there is no penalty for "missing" a month.
    3. No one knows how many eggs are in a batch until you collect them-- the number is calculated when you do so.
    4. Even if you collect many batches of eggs at once, the number of eggs in the batch is calculated for each batch, so there is no advantage or disadvantage to waiting or to collecting eggs as they become available.
  2. Eggs you collect are sent directly to your inventory. However, these eggs are unidentified-- no one knows what specific kind of Bumblebun they'll hatch into. These unidentified eggs are non-transferrable, and cannot function as MYO tickets. You will need to identify them from your inventory in order to make use of them.
  3. Identifying an egg will turn it into a MYO ticket for a specific kind of Bumblebun.
    1. Identified eggs are transferrable, as they have all information necessary to be turned into a full MYO slot attached to them. These eggs may be gifted or traded as desired.
  4. When you're ready to make a Bumblebun MYO Slot from an egg, simply use the item from your inventory. It will be transformed into a slot with all necessary details automatically.
    1. From there, you can use your new MYO slot as usual. See our guide here if you need a reminder on how to do so.

As there are many eggs being produced each month, members will often trade or give away their eggs. If you're looking to obtain a Bumblebun egg yourself but do not have an egg-laying character, you can check the trading post, or our Discord.

Types of Eggs

There are three main categories of eggs.

Unidentified Eggs - The three types of Unidentified eggs are Curious, Mysterious, and Mystifying Bumblebun Egg, which each come from a Common, Noble, or Royal Bumblebun respectively. The exact sex and subtype of these eggs is undetermined, and will remain so until the egg is identified. Each egg has different rates of what type of subtype it might produce.

Identified Eggs - There are six types of Identified eggs, each one relating to either male or female sex, and one of the three subtypes. These eggs will state exactly which of each category the Bumblebun is.

Metallic Eggs - Silver and Golden Bumblebun eggs are a special type, and cannot be obtained through the usual egg-laying process. Rather, these eggs are given through special occasions, such as events. All metallic eggs produce female Bumblebuns, and the percentage of which subtype they will be varies by egg.